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5 fun things to do in Catalunya with a limited budget

Catalunya is a part of Spain that many tourists will enjoy, both local and international because it offers a great cultural experience and history, yet still very affordable. Even if you have a small budget for your travels, there are plenty of fun things you can do to enjoy the Catalan experience.

Here’s a list of 5 fun things to do in Catalunya with a limited budget.

#1 You can check out the Flamenco Show at Los Tarantos

The Flamenco Show hosted live at the popular Los Tarantos in Barcelona is undoubtedly the most famous form of art in Spain. This show will offer you one of the best experiences if you want to appreciate the drama and passion of Spanish art. The Flamenco Show entails a number of the very best and authentic music and dancing in Catalunya and has maintained this awesome tradition since 1963. This is an opportunity for you to experience a memorable night out in this beautiful land. Be sure to get there at least 20 to 30 minutes early because the seating is usually done on a first-come, first-served basis, therefore, to get a good seat as well as avoid the lines, being early helps.

#2 You can experience the Palau de la Música Catalana tour

Now this is an opportunity to appreciate awesome architecture that is part of the Catalunya great cultural heritage. The Palau de la Música Catalana offers an opportunity for a one hour tour through boat across the Art Nouveau icon. Having been provided with a proficient architectural guide, you will get to learn captivating insight on the structure as well as its rich history, get mesmerized by the opulent and lavish décor, and marvel at the radiance of the light streaming through the windows of the building. You can cap off your tour with a memorable mini organ concert that goes for about 20 minutes at the Lluis Millet Hall which is a very prestigious venue. The Palau de la Música Catalana is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

#3 Take a morning walk tour at the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

The fascinating Barcelona Gothic Quarter is a good place to spend your morning as you enjoy a guided walk. This usually offers the best opportunity to learn your way around Barcelona as you get familiar with the renowned Gothic Quarter which is surrounded with trendy boutiques, lively bars and tapas restaurants. This experience takes about two hours, and you’ll get to visit old and medieval buildings in the district’s square, as well as get to learn more about the Gothic Quarter’s history as well as the people.

#4 A visit to the Barcelona Aquarium

The Barcelona Aquarium is well known for its remarkable array of marine life from the Mediterranean and is actually among the largest aquariums in Europe. A visit to this aquarium will give you an opportunity to see more than 10,000 different creatures of the sea, as well as get to see sharks, eels and many other variety of fish up close as you stroll through an 80-meter glass tunnel. This tour is also an education opportunity as you’ll get to learn about the important role water plays in earth’s development. If you enjoy collecting souvenirs, there is a gift shop with the aquarium with really good stuff. This is one of those unforgettable experiences as you get to experience nature in a different way.

#5 Visit Icebarcelona for an ice bar experience

When visiting Catalunya, you just can’t miss the opportunity to check out Icebarcelona in Condal City. As the first ice bar in the world which is located at the beach, Icebarcelona has become a favorite for locals and tourists alike. It’s one of those experiences that you just have to check out to believe. The temperature in the bar is at -5ºC meaning the longest stay you can pull of in the bar is about 45 minutes. You will get to enjoy a good cocktail as you take in the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, even as your body continues to shiver. The name for it is shivering fun.

There are of course plenty of other fun things to do in Catalunya when you have a small budget but these are the top 5 we would suggest you start with. You will get to fully appreciate the rich Catalan cultural heritage, the people and make unforgettable memories.

We would love to hear your travel experiences while in Catalunya. Feel free to share it with us and we will be more than happy to share it here.