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5 beautiful places in the vicinity of Barcelona

The region of Catalunya offers an array of tourism destinations that are not only amazing but unique in their offering of Catalan history and culture. As a tourist visiting this region, you will often be spoilt for choice because of the need to see and appreciate as many of these unique offerings as possible.

The City of Barcelona which is the Catalan capital always has an advantage over other Catalan regions because it’s a well-known brand hence a favorite for tourists. This post is meant to highlight other beautiful places outside Barcelona but close enough for a daytime excursion.

Here’s our list of 5 beautiful places in the vicinity of Barcelona that you should consider.

A trip to Mt. Monseratt

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Just about an hour’s train ride from Barcelona, Montserrat is a rough mountain that offers a spectacular landscape. To crown it all up, there is a monastery that has been built atop this mountain thereby creating a breathtaking view. Pilgrims world over make frequent trips to this monastery to pay tribute to the black Madonna which is the official patron of Catalonia. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this mountain offers a good hiking opportunity up the mountain which has a peak that gives you an awesome 360 degree sight of the Mediterranean to its south.

A trip to the beach town of Sitges

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Just about a 30-minute ride via train from Barcelona, the beach town of Sitges is renowned for its beautiful and lively beaches as well as picturesque architecture. If you desire to spend a day relaxing on the beach or enjoying an array of water sports, then Sitges is the place for you. The town is also known for an awesome nightlife which some argue rivals Barcelona. If you are looking for a good place outside the busy capital to spend a few of your vacation days then make it a point to plan a trip to the town of Sitges.

A visit to the Catalunya’svineyards

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Catalunya is famous for producing Cava, a sparkling wine believed to be a rival to Champagne. Anyone who has a taste of the Cava will affirm that it is indeed a much smoother drink that is believed to be more affordable. In addition to this, a number of wines, both white and red are also produced in Catalunya. As part of your vacation, you can purpose to visit the Alella, Penedes and Priorat which are well known vineyards in Catalonia which are about an hour’s train or bus ride from Barcelona. You will get an opportunity to taste really good wine and familiarize yourself with wine production. The vineyards also offer beautiful sights of the Mediterranean and an awesome place for picnics especially for couples.

A trip to the City of Girona

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The City of Girona which is about a one and a half hour bus ride from Barcelona is Catalunya’s epitome of history and culture. The medieval structures such as the city walls and building architecture, have been well preserved and give you the feeling as though you are living in the past. Girona is also renowned for its gourmet cuisine world over with the Celler de Can Roca restaurant located in Girona carrying the award of the world’s best restaurant a number of times. Word has it that to get a reservation, you have to book it about 11 months in advance, crazy? Huh!

There are of course plenty more places in the vicinity of Barcelona which basically means that as a tourist, you don’t have to worry much about having to move from one hotel to another when making excursions to different towns. You can book a hotel in Barcelona and arrange for day trips to different amazing places within the vicinity of the city.

Do share with us your travel experiences especially amazing places close to the City of Barcelona where tourists can make day trips to.