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The 5 Best Land-Based Casinos in Barcelona

Are you planning on visiting the mesmerizing Spanish city of Barcelona? If so, consider visiting one or multiple of the destination’s five best land-based casinos, which can only be described as thrilling entertainment centers.

Of course, online casinos are all the rage now in Europe, with the recently Portuguese online gambling legal market, to the Netherlands opening up the online industry in early 2021. But you have to admit that nothing beats the feeling of playing at an actual physical location, so if you’re travelling to the amazing city of Barcelona, there are 5 casinos that you simply can’t miss.

Casino Barcelona

Casino Barcelona is a worldwide famous gambling establishment located in the area of the Olympic Port, in the major Catalan city of Barcelona. The setting is definitely attractive, as the casino sits next to the beach, in Carrer de la Marina.

Casino Barcelona is easily the largest and most popular casino in the city, and one of the top destinations for real money games, not only in the region of Catalonia, but in Spanish lands, overall.

The fun-packed, exciting and unique night out a player is able to enjoy in Casino Barcelona goes way beyond the experience provided in a casino that opts for a more conventional approach.

Casino Barcelona is a full-on entertainment destination that flaunts a wide and varied selection of the best games of chance. But it is much more that that.

You have multiple choices when it comes to basking on the delicious regional gastronomy. All kinds of live shows take place in the casino, including music from world renowned performers and unforgettable disco nights. This is something that acts as a magnet for those people whose main interest is not necessarily focused on laying some bets.

In addition, thrilling poker tournaments are frequent in Casino Barcelona, which has contributed for the venue to gain Europe-wide prestige around the game of poker. In fact, these tournaments, as well as others organized for different table games, attract some of the best professional players to Barcelona.

Due to being nothing less than a stunning and lively entertainment hub, Casino Barcelona can in all fairness be added to the list of the must-visit places in the Catalan city. Afterall, it targets to all kinds of visitors and fully pleases each of them.

Eager to explore the gambling offer of a top-notch operator? Go to Casino Barcelona. Looking to enjoy exquisite cuisine? Go to Casino Barcelona. Ready to lose track of time and spend the day going from one recreational activity to another? You guessed it. Go to Casino Barcelona. It is that simple.

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Enracha Don Pelayo

The casino operator Enracha Don Pelayo has gambling establishments spread across the Spanish territory. In Barcelona, the venue is located in the area of Comte Urgell.

In Enracha Don Pelayo you can choose from a nice variety of different games of chance. Besides that, you can also enjoy some great gastronomy offers and even free parking for your vehicle.

Bingo sessions are organized throughout the entire week. You can start playing just after lunch and the fun only stops well into the night. If you prefer to try your luck at the gaming machines, they are also available for you to play all week long, starting at 11:00 AM.

Grup Binelde

When we talk about Grup Binelde we are not talking about a single casino or resort, but rather three gambling venues located in different areas of Barcelona. The casino group owns multiple establishments, not only in the capital of Catalonia, but across other cities in Spain.

In Barcelona the casinos are situated in the areas of Laietana, Passeig de Gràcia and Garcilaso. Grup Binelde is one of the most recognized powerhouses in the Spanish gambling industry. Its reliability comes from the experience of more than two and a half decades.

The three venues in Barcelona have various things in common. They have large rooms, top-quality gastronomy options and parking for the visitors, among other similar services.

Perhaps the main attraction at all the three casinos is the game of bingo, which appeals to players of all ages. Over 250 staff members work to provide the customers of Grup Binelde with the best gambling experience. The business group is currently achieving a yearly turnover of approximately 50 million euros.

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Bingo Laietana

Besides bingo, the establishment offers sports bets, gaming machines and food spots.

Bingo Passeig de Gràcia

Located in Corsega, you can also enjoy sportsbooks, slots and delicious food.

Bingo Garcilaso

The casino includes all the gambling options as the others from the group, although it offers less additional services.

To have the best time in Barcelona, don’t forget our guide! Be sure to visit Casino Barcelona, Enracha Don Pelayo, and the casinos from Grup Binelde, Bingo Laietana, Bingo Passeig de Gràcia and Bingo Garcilaso.