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The 5 Best Land-Based Casinos in Barcelona

Are you planning on visiting the mesmerizing Spanish city of Barcelona? If so, consider visiting one or multiple of the destinatio



The 5 Best Land-Based Casinos in Barcelona

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Featured Image The 5 Best Land Based Casinos in Barcelona - The 5 Best Land-Based Casinos in Barcelona

The 5 Best Land-Based Casinos in Barcelona

Are you planning on visiting the mesmerizing Spanish city of Barcelona? If so, consider visiting one or multiple of the destination’s five best land-based casinos, which can only be described as thrilling entertainment centers.

Of course, online casinos are all the rage now in Europe, with the recently Portuguese online gambling legal market, to the Netherlands opening up the online industry in early 2021. But you have to admit that nothing beats the feeling of playing at an actual physical location, so if you’re travelling to the amazing city of Barcelona, there are 5 casinos that you simply can’t miss.

Casino Barcelona

Casino Barcelona is a worldwide famous gambling establishment located in the area of the Olympic Port, in the major Catalan city of Barcelona. The setting is definitely attractive, as the casino sits next to the beach, in Carrer de la Marina.

Casino Barcelona is easily the largest and most popular casino in the city, and one of the top destinations for real money games, not only in the region of Catalonia, but in Spanish lands, overall.

The fun-packed, exciting and unique night out a player is able to enjoy in Casino Barcelona goes way beyond the experience provided in a casino that opts for a more conventional approach.

Casino Barcelona is a full-on entertainment destination that flaunts a wide and varied selection of the best games of chance. But it is much more that that.

You have multiple choices when it comes to basking on the delicious regional gastronomy. All kinds of live shows take place in the casino, including music from world renowned performers and unforgettable disco nights. This is something that acts as a magnet for those people whose main interest is not necessarily focused on laying some bets.

In addition, thrilling poker tournaments are frequent in Casino Barcelona, which has contributed for the venue to gain Europe-wide prestige around the game of poker. In fact, these tournaments, as well as others organized for different table games, attract some of the best professional players to Barcelona.

Due to being nothing less than a stunning and lively entertainment hub, Casino Barcelona can in all fairness be added to the list of the must-visit places in the Catalan city. Afterall, it targets to all kinds of visitors and fully pleases each of them.

Eager to explore the gambling offer of a top-notch operator? Go to Casino Barcelona. Looking to enjoy exquisite cuisine? Go to Casino Barcelona. Ready to lose track of time and spend the day going from one recreational activity to another? You guessed it. Go to Casino Barcelona. It is that simple.

50 - The 5 Best Land-Based Casinos in Barcelona

Enracha Don Pelayo

The casino operator Enracha Don Pelayo has gambling establishments spread across the Spanish territory. In Barcelona, the venue is located in the area of Comte Urgell.

In Enracha Don Pelayo you can choose from a nice variety of different games of chance. Besides that, you can also enjoy some great gastronomy offers and even free parking for your vehicle.

Bingo sessions are organized throughout the entire week. You can start playing just after lunch and the fun only stops well into the night. If you prefer to try your luck at the gaming machines, they are also available for you to play all week long, starting at 11:00 AM.

Grup Binelde

When we talk about Grup Binelde we are not talking about a single casino or resort, but rather three gambling venues located in different areas of Barcelona. The casino group owns multiple establishments, not only in the capital of Catalonia, but across other cities in Spain.

In Barcelona the casinos are situated in the areas of Laietana, Passeig de Gràcia and Garcilaso. Grup Binelde is one of the most recognized powerhouses in the Spanish gambling industry. Its reliability comes from the experience of more than two and a half decades.

The three venues in Barcelona have various things in common. They have large rooms, top-quality gastronomy options and parking for the visitors, among other similar services.

Perhaps the main attraction at all the three casinos is the game of bingo, which appeals to players of all ages. Over 250 staff members work to provide the customers of Grup Binelde with the best gambling experience. The business group is currently achieving a yearly turnover of approximately 50 million euros.

48 - The 5 Best Land-Based Casinos in Barcelona

Bingo Laietana

Besides bingo, the establishment offers sports bets, gaming machines and food spots.

Bingo Passeig de Gràcia

Located in Corsega, you can also enjoy sportsbooks, slots and delicious food.

Bingo Garcilaso

The casino includes all the gambling options as the others from the group, although it offers less additional services.

To have the best time in Barcelona, don’t forget our guide! Be sure to visit Casino Barcelona, Enracha Don Pelayo, and the casinos from Grup Binelde, Bingo Laietana, Bingo Passeig de Gràcia and Bingo Garcilaso.

featured11 - 6 creative ways to save for your Catalonia vacation

6 creative ways to save for your Catalonia vacation

We have dedicated a lot of our time painting a picture of Catalunya as your ideal travel destination and we believe if you are yet to get the Catalan experience, then it’s definitely something you plan to do this year or in the coming year. We have therefore decided to share with you some tips on how you can save up for your Catalan vacation. This will definitely help you get to enjoy this dream vacation much sooner than you think.

Here we go!

Open an account to specifically save for your vacation

Saving requires plenty of discipline and one of the ways to guarantee that you remain financially discipline is having an account specifically dedicated for your vacation. The idea is to reduce the probability of you mixing up your vacation savings with your other routine expenditure. You should also make it a point to come up with a target amount as well as a savings plan so that you can know how much money you need to save, and the frequency of saving to enable you get to your goal. Never under any circumstances withdraw money from this account unless it is for an expense directly related to your vacation.

Cut down on your monthly expenses

Getting to go on vacation means that you may have to sacrifice a few luxuries here and there. It will be important to evaluate your monthly expenditure to find out which luxuries you and your family can live without for a brief period of time and channel the savings from this cut back to your vacation account. Learn to separate household needs from wants and be sure not to interfere with your family needs. One way of saving will be doing bulk shopping, carpooling, producing vegetables in your backyard as opposed to buying and many more. It just requires an active and deliberate effort from your part.

Get a side hustle

To enjoy your vacation, a few sacrifices will have to be made and this could include sacrificing on your time to do a side hustle to earn you extra income. This is because, income from one job may often not be enough to cater for your daily household expenditure and still allow you to save something towards your vacation. Always try to pick a side hustle that will not be too strenuous on you to a point that it affects your actual job. It’s also important that if you have a family, they understand the purpose of you picking up the extra shifts so that it doesn’t appear as though you are denying them their family time. Try to figure out a formula that works best to suits everyone’s needs.

Cut down on your major expenses

There are certain major expenses you may incur on a monthly basis such utility bills, credit card repayments, mortgage repayments, and a few others. If you want to get to enjoy a dream vacation, it will be important for you to set up deliberate cost cutting measures to enable you reduce of these expenses. Being able to successfully cut down will ensure you have some extra cash that you can direct to your vacation account. For instance, you can cut down on impulse purchasing decisions to reduce your credit card debts, cut down on unnecessary usage of your electricity and other utilities to cut down on your bills and many more other measures.

Have a few yard sales

Our homes have valuable treasures that we never really get to notice because many people are hoarders in nature. We will keep things that we barely use not knowing that they can actually fetch us a tidy sum of money. As you are working towards saving for your vacation, go through your stuff, from clothes, to shoes, to furniture identifying things you haven’t used for quite some time. Put them up on sale and send the cash you make to your vacation account.

Take advantage of credit card promotions

The positive side of a credit card is that credit card companies as well as banks will often have promotions that are tied to credit card usage for specific services. These may include accumulating travel miles which you can then redeem at the time of your vacation for a free flight or a lower ticket price.

These things sound easy enough but they will require dedication from you. At the end of the day, think about your end goal and let it be the fuel that drives you.

We would love to hear your suggestions on how you have saved or intend to save for your vacations.

info1 - 6 creative ways to save for your Catalonia vacation
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featured10 - 5 beautiful places in the vicinity of Barcelona

5 beautiful places in the vicinity of Barcelona

The region of Catalunya offers an array of tourism destinations that are not only amazing but unique in their offering of Catalan history and culture. As a tourist visiting this region, you will often be spoilt for choice because of the need to see and appreciate as many of these unique offerings as possible.

The City of Barcelona which is the Catalan capital always has an advantage over other Catalan regions because it’s a well-known brand hence a favorite for tourists. This post is meant to highlight other beautiful places outside Barcelona but close enough for a daytime excursion.

Here’s our list of 5 beautiful places in the vicinity of Barcelona that you should consider.

A trip to Mt. Monseratt

41 - 5 beautiful places in the vicinity of Barcelona

Just about an hour’s train ride from Barcelona, Montserrat is a rough mountain that offers a spectacular landscape. To crown it all up, there is a monastery that has been built atop this mountain thereby creating a breathtaking view. Pilgrims world over make frequent trips to this monastery to pay tribute to the black Madonna which is the official patron of Catalonia. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this mountain offers a good hiking opportunity up the mountain which has a peak that gives you an awesome 360 degree sight of the Mediterranean to its south.

A trip to the beach town of Sitges

42 - 5 beautiful places in the vicinity of Barcelona

Just about a 30-minute ride via train from Barcelona, the beach town of Sitges is renowned for its beautiful and lively beaches as well as picturesque architecture. If you desire to spend a day relaxing on the beach or enjoying an array of water sports, then Sitges is the place for you. The town is also known for an awesome nightlife which some argue rivals Barcelona. If you are looking for a good place outside the busy capital to spend a few of your vacation days then make it a point to plan a trip to the town of Sitges.

A visit to the Catalunya’svineyards

43 - 5 beautiful places in the vicinity of Barcelona

Catalunya is famous for producing Cava, a sparkling wine believed to be a rival to Champagne. Anyone who has a taste of the Cava will affirm that it is indeed a much smoother drink that is believed to be more affordable. In addition to this, a number of wines, both white and red are also produced in Catalunya. As part of your vacation, you can purpose to visit the Alella, Penedes and Priorat which are well known vineyards in Catalonia which are about an hour’s train or bus ride from Barcelona. You will get an opportunity to taste really good wine and familiarize yourself with wine production. The vineyards also offer beautiful sights of the Mediterranean and an awesome place for picnics especially for couples.

A trip to the City of Girona

44 - 5 beautiful places in the vicinity of Barcelona

The City of Girona which is about a one and a half hour bus ride from Barcelona is Catalunya’s epitome of history and culture. The medieval structures such as the city walls and building architecture, have been well preserved and give you the feeling as though you are living in the past. Girona is also renowned for its gourmet cuisine world over with the Celler de Can Roca restaurant located in Girona carrying the award of the world’s best restaurant a number of times. Word has it that to get a reservation, you have to book it about 11 months in advance, crazy? Huh!

There are of course plenty more places in the vicinity of Barcelona which basically means that as a tourist, you don’t have to worry much about having to move from one hotel to another when making excursions to different towns. You can book a hotel in Barcelona and arrange for day trips to different amazing places within the vicinity of the city.

Do share with us your travel experiences especially amazing places close to the City of Barcelona where tourists can make day trips to.