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Top 5 places to visit in Catalunya

If you want to experience a vacation in a land with a rich culture andhistory, then Catalunya in Spain is your destination of choice. This is a part of Spain that has maintained its unique culture that the Catalan people draw absolute pride in. When in Catalunya, you will be spoilt for choice as it offers an array of travel destinations that each offer a unique aspect of the Catalan culture from the people, to the cuisines, to the architecture and traditions.

Here is our list of top 5 places you should visit when in Catalunya.

#1 The City of Barcelona

You definitely can’t talk about Catalunya without mentioning its capital, the vibrant city of Barcelona, which is also the second largest city in Spain. Barcelona is one of the best travel destinations in the world owing to its breathtaking scenery, lively urban energy, good people, cultural heritage and history.This city does not just give you awesome views of the Mediterranean as well as beautiful beaches, you also get to see medieval architecture through the city’s old buildings and historical and religious landmarks, get to enjoy traditional gourmet cuisines courtesy of the wide array of outdoor cafés and restaurants, get to mingle and socialize with the locals at the amazing nightclubs if you are into that kind of thing. You can also get to enjoy a game of soccer at the Camp Nou, home of FC Barcelona. If you are into art and history, you can make it a point to check out the different museums that are home to Historical Catalan art and artifacts. This is definitely a place worth checking out.

#2 The City of Girona

The City of Girona is undoubtedly the center of Catalonia’s history with an extremely rich and diverse cultural heritage. This was predominantly influenced by Romans, Jews andArabs who frequented this land between the 11th and 17th centuries. Girona is famous for its medieval gothic architecture, narrow streets, fortress-like cathedrals synonymous with the Roman era, Jewish synagoguesand Arab Baths, all have been preserved to maintain their original look and feel. Girona is the place to visit if you are kind of tourist who appreciates history and culture and how it has influenced modern day life.

#3 The City of Tarragona

If you are into beautiful beaches and historic monuments then the magnificent seaside city of Tarragona is your best bet. The city beautifully overlooks the Mediterranean thereby creating a spectacular view that will work wonders on your mind especially if you were looking for mental clarity. This scenery is also romantic and would make the perfect background for your photos if you are here as a couple. The City of Tarragona is also home to ancient Roman buildings such as cathedrals as well as medieval streets that have been incredibly preserved. Being a city populated with fishing villages, Tarragona has built a reputation as one of the Catalan cities known to offer delicious traditional seafood. This is definitely a city worth checking out.

#4 The town of Sitges

The town of Sitges is the place to travel if you are looking for luxury relaxation. With a couple of seaside resorts alongside the Mediterranean with terrific beaches, this town is where you want to be if you are looking for some pampering. The beaches are perfect for swimming thanks to their calm waters, and if you’re the kind of person who enjoys yachting then there’s a marina just for this purpose. Not to be left behind, the town of Sitges is also an epitome of Catalonian culture and history which are evident in the churches’ architectural designs and Spanish modernist monuments. Sitges is also known for its unique gourmet cuisine which can be enjoyed in the array of top class restaurants that have specialized in Catalan delicacies.

#5 The village of Cadaqués

If you appreciate art, then you will most definitely appreciate the beautiful village of Cadaqués. Located along the coast line at Costa Brava, this village is known to hide some gorgeous beaches, quiet bays, and has managed to preserve its pristine natural environment. These together with its vibrant culture and history has attracted many artists over the past couple of decades thereby, creating lively cultural scenes which are depicted through art galleries as well as museums. It’s one of those places that inspire an artiste’s creative juices.

Catalunya definitely has plenty to offer and our five picks are just a tip of the iceberg.

We would love to hear about your travel experiences while in Catalunya and we will be more than happy to share it here.