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Your guide to an authentic Catalan foodie experience

If you are a frequent visitor to our website then you have heard us mention the distinct cuisine that the Spanish region of Catalunya is known for. The cuisine is as much a part of this region’s history and culture just as its other traditions. The best way to experience the Catalan cuisine is getting to enjoy a dish prepared by someone who truly understands what goes into its preparation. This is why we thought it wise to prepare this piece. Consider it your guide to the best Catalan foodie experience.

Here’s our guide to 5 places that will offer you the most authentic Catalan food experience.

The Petit Comité

The Petit Comité is a restaurant in Barcelona which many visitors don’t get to know about and experience. Located along the Passatge de la Concepció, it’sfamous foritsauthentic Catalan cuisine thanks to the famous chef Nandu Jubany who has come up with fresh recipes out of the classic Catalan cuisines. Every dish on the menu is a work of art in its simplicity, freshness of flavors and ingredients. One of the signature dishes here is the Shrimp that has been paired with creamy rice and served together with sumptuous mushroom soup. A truly delightful meal.

Restaurant La Pepita

One sign that you are visiting a good restaurant is the difficulty in getting a table. At restaurant La Pepita, this is a common challenge due to tourists and locals alike jostling for a table in this restaurant offering exquisite Catalan delight. Customers look forward to signature toppers such as smoked salmon and blood sausage served with apple. The restaurant also offers a number of regional dishes, to ensure every foreign visitor can get a little taste of home.

The Bar del Pla

The Bar del Pla is truly the place to go if you want to experience authentic Catalan dishes. A favorite for locals and tourists alike, it’s a cozy barwith waitstaff known for their no-nonsense mentality as they are quick to get rid of idlers at the bar. Everything on their menu is delightful and definitely worth trying out. Some suggestions are trying out their crispy eggplant, sardines served with coca bread, and the monkfish served with creamy garlic allioli. The list is endless. However, you must try the signature pa amb tomàquet which is a crisp bread served with very fresh tomatoeswith flaky sea salt.

The Lolita Tapería

The Lolita Tapería is famous for its smoked salmon delight which is served with truffled honey tapa. It’s the place you go if you want to experience an array of traditional Catalan cuisine, and you can be guaranteed, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The Lolita has a bit of German influence and this is evident in the presence of German beer, but the meals remain purely Catalan. When here, be sure to try out the signature classic appetizers such as tapas which is made with tomatoesmixed with tuna belly salad, the roasted rabbit ribs served with garlic mayonnaiseand an array of fried fish.

The Xiringuito Escribà

The Xiringuito Escribà not only offers arguably the best of Catalunya seafood, the restaurant also offers an awesome view of the sea as you enjoy your sumptuous meal. Some of the signature cuisines you can try out are the crispy calamari, or the panfried squid which is usually served with vegetables that have been perfectly cooked. To enhance your eating experience, you will have to learn to eat like a local. You have a great chance to learn this owing to the fact that this restaurant is popular with the locals whose favorite meal is the fideuá a local seafood delicacy. The meals are often topped with smoked rosemary which is the restaurant’s signature. Don’t forget to make your reservations early as this restaurant tends to get a bit packed.

When in Catalunya, be sure to check out these food joints as you will get to enjoy the true taste and feel of Catalan cuisine.

As always, we are always interested in reading and sharing your experiences therefore feel free to share with us.