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Tourism – 4 historic sites in Catalunya you should visit

Catalunya is a Spanish region with a rich history. Because of the people’s determination to maintain their cultural heritage, this region offers a great tourism experience for history buffs interested to experience a people and a land that has made very deliberate attempts to ensure its historical and cultural relics maintain their original form.

If you are a tourist either local or international, there are a number of historic sites in Catalonia that must be a part of your itinerary as they will offer you an awesome experience into Cataluny’a rich history. Here are 5 historical sites that you should make a point of scheduling a tour.

The Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar

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The Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar is a church that was built in the 14th Century in Costa Bravia which is a region to the north of Barcelona. This building is an emblem of Catalan Gothic, with an element of unity as well as purity in style which historians believe was very unusual especially for large medieval architecture. If you are on holiday in this region, and you are looking for a place of worship, you have the option of visiting this church and enjoy a time of worship. Otherwise, you can schedule your visit at a time when the church is empty to give you an opportunity to appreciate its beauty, learn the history and the secrets that the building has kept for years past.

The beautiful Costa Bravia tour

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Costa Bravia is not only home to historic architecture but also offers an opportunity for visitors to appreciate Catalonian culture and history. This region is famed for its fishing villages as well as narrow and winding streets which have been excellently retained. When you venture towards the coast, you will get an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Costa Brava through getting to view the awesome seaside villages, beautiful bays, dramatic cliffs as well as the jagged coastline. As part of your tour, you can also visit some of the protected parks for instance Emporda Marshesand Cap de Creus, as well as the Medes Islandswhich is a marine reserve.

The Casa Batllo tour

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The Casa Batlló is one of Catalunya’s architectural masterpieces that you have make it a point to check out.  It’s definitely one of Barcelona’s eye-catching buildings designed by famous Antoni Gaudi. A visit to the Casa Batlló gives you an opportunity to learn more about Gaudi, his life and how it influenced his artistic visions. One of the best ways to experience this tour is to do it yourself using an audio guide as well as a map. You can then walk yourself through and explore this amazing architectural masterpiece while following the map and listening to some background information from the audio guide. The beauty about the audio guide option is that you can have your tour at your own pace without the worry of being rushed by a tour guide.

The Palau Güell tour

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The Palau Güell tour is a cultural tour that lasts about 4 hours. With the help of a professional tour guide, you will get an opportunity to explore and appreciate the Palau Güell, a marvel of architecture in Barcelona and then continue your tour through the Gothic Quarter to experience real Catalan culture. This tour then proceeds across a number of religious historical buildings, and then to plazas Felip Neri and Del Rei, then to the Town Hall and then to the Generalitat’s Palace. This tour finally concludes at La Plaza de Sant Jaume. In 1969,the Spanish state declared the Palau Güell a cultural property which is a national interests as well as a historicalmonument. In 1984 it was then declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The building is part of Gaudí’s late work.

Catalunya is definitely a place that tourists with an interest in history and culture will appreciate especially in the way in which this region has preserved its historic and cultural relics. It’s definitely an opportunity worth making time for

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