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History – 4 Catalan museums you should check out

The Spanish region of Catalonia is the epitome of history and culture. The region has done a tremendous job in preserving its history and cultural heritage through ensuring that medieval structures, architecture, landmarks, as well as other religious relics have been preserved to maintain their original form.

Here, we take a look at a list of 4 Catalan museums that give you the opportunity to appreciate the rich history and culture of this beautiful land.

The Erotic Museum

The Erotic Museum has a collection of over 800 fascinating and unique pieces that delve into the history of eroticism. As a visitor, you will get to learn more about human sexuality and how it has influenced and inspired people throughout history. Depending on different cultural contexts of the art pieces, some of the items on display are explicit and some implicit depending on the time or society whose history the pieces depict. The art pieces consist of sculptures, photography, paintings, as well as other inventions.

The National Art Museum

The National Art Museum gives visitors an opportunity to explore and appreciate an amazing array of European, Catalan, Spanish and Roman art collections that span thousands of years. They include art from the Roman era, the European renaissance period as well as 20thcentury art. This museum plays host to Marvel at the spectacular exhibitions of Roman era murals and decorative art as well as furniture. To top it off, the museum has a roof topterrace that allows you to take in the panoramic view of the city of Barcelona.

The Dalí Museum

If you appreciate art, then the Dali Museum is your best bet. With a focus on exhibiting art from one of Catalonia’s renowned artists, Salvador Dalí, visitors to this museum are taken through a journey to experience the artiste’s mind, and explore his life. The museum is purposefully located at Dali’s place of birth as a tribute to this influential Catalan artiste. While visiting the Dali Museum, you not only enjoy pieces of beautiful art, you will also get to enjoy the surrounding which is made up of an eye catching scenery from the beautiful coastal villages situated along Costa Brava. This is relevant as this is the route you use to get to Port Lligat which is a small fishing bay that at some point was Dalí’s residence as well as studio where he developed some of his most inspired art pieces.

The Gala Dali Castle Museum

The Gala Dali Castle Museum located in Púbol is an amazing building that was once the home to Catalonia’s renowned artists, Salvador Dalí and his wife who he considered to be his muse. According to their love story, Dali had an agreement with his wife, Gala that he was not to visit her at the castle without her giving him permission in advance. It’s believed that Gala always spent every summer between the years 1971 and 1980 at the castle, and when Gala was laid to rest in 1982, Salvador Dalí decided to move in and he lived there for about two years. Dali designed a crypt within the museum where Gala was buried.

There are of course many other amazing museums in Catalonia that will give you a piece of Catalan history as each has its own unique story. Make it a point to visit as many as possible to get a better appreciation of the different personalities and events that shaped the Catalonia.

We would love to hear you own travel experiences especially your reviews of the different museums in Catalonia and which stands out most for you.